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A Greater Monster

A Greater Monster - David David Katzman What a long stange trip it's been...

To me, this one was more than just a book, it was an intense experience. This one read like prose poetry at it's finest. Full of word play, font experimentation,and even a few elements of bizarro thrown in for fun.

You'll want to read this one slowly because if you don't, you could miss so much. I hope I'm not giving too much away when I say there are phrases within the book that link to websites that enhanced the reading of the book for me even more so than the wonderful artwork that was squashed between the text of the book.

Seriously, I really loved everything about this book - from feeling high, to the magnificent art work, to the beautifully crafted language, to being sad when the journey was over. I can see why it took David David Katzman 7 years to write this one because there's so many levels to explore once you fall down the rabbit hole.