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In the Miso Soup

In the Miso Soup - Ralph McCarthy, Ryū Murakami Let me be honest. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this book. I didn't really have any expectations going into it, which turned out to be a very great thing.

On the surface this book is about Kenji, a tour guide of Tokyo's sleazy nightlife. His customer, Frank, is an American tourist looking for a good time. However, after Kenji and Frank meet, the book takes many dark and psychological twists and turns that I don't really want to give away here.

I don't know if I can call this one a "thriller" per say, but when I got to the end I felt relieved that the mind games were over. It was as if I was released from Ryū Murakami's spell, just as Kenji was from Frank.

The writing was excellent and kept my attention from beginning to end. I would consider reading another tome from Ryū Murakami in the future for sure.

P.S. Thanks Christa for recommending this one to me. I can't say I really liked it, but I'm glad I read it.