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The Fifth Floor (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)

The Fifth Floor: A Michael Kelley Novel - Michael  Harvey Ho hum, just what I was worried about, this one didn't even compare to the first book in the series. Here's why:

- There was something really off about the rhythm of the story.
- It was more political thriller than gritty noir detective story.
- This one was much more showier than the first one and focused more on action, romance and heroism, which I just don't care for that much.
- Something was wrong with Michael Kelly he grew a conscience this book and was way too nice, what the heck?

However, there were some good parts to this book as well and they included:

- Great research on the Chicago Fire (even though fictional liberties were taken to fit the "thriller" part of the story)
- I liked Teen, the volunteer at The Historical Society and Hubert the hacker (even though they were minor characters they brought some interesting factors to the story.)

Again not exactly what I was expecting after reading and enjoying The Chicago Way. I hope Michael Harvey goes back to the noir detective roots as I will continue to read those kinds of stories, but if he keeps writing thrillers, I'm going to have to put this series down.