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Swamplandia! (Vintage Contemporaries)

Swamplandia! - Karen Russell I really liked this book. I liked the coming of age stories of Ava, Ossie, and Kiwi. I liked how this book meandered and stagnated in some parts. I liked the imagination of it all, as well as, the magical realism which added a unique point of view to the story you don't always get in main stream literature. I liked how the magical parts were boardered in the beginning, middle, and end with realistic parts - their mother dying of cancer in the beginning, Kiwi's fight with his Grandfather in the middle, and Ava, Ossie and Kiwi reuniting with The Chief at the end.

A really unique book that got me out of reality for a while and into a fun, magical land full of imagination. I would certainly consider reading another book by Karen Russell in the future.