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Shanghai Girls: A Novel

Shanghai Girls: A Novel - Lisa See This is a women's story.

It's about two Chinese sisters Pearl and May. It's about their life growing up in Shanghai. Their fate when their father loses everything. The harrowing details of their immigration to America. Their petty jealousies towards each other, but most of all it's about their love for one another and reliance on each other through every phase of their lives that uplifts this wonderfully written, heart wrenching story.

This is a historical novel.

You can tell Lisa See did her research. I felt as if I too had been transported to Shanghai and went on this adventure with our narrator Pearl and her sister. Every description was wonderful and made me like this book even more. I also felt the fear they experienced during the Communism scare here in America. There were a lot of sad and scary parts to this book but that's what kept me reading. I'm excited to see what Lisa See will come up with next.