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No Alternative

No Alternative - William Dickerson I finished this on the plane, complete with tears and snot. This is the story of my generation and something future generations I think will be able relate to as well. Generations X, Y, Z - unknown, lost, full of loss, and anger. Still angry to this day, indeed. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, and suicide are prevelant themes through out this story.

The narrative is told in third person, which is a challenging format to write in, but for this story it actually worked out fantastically well! The last book I read in third person and really enjoyed was Anna Karenina, so this is saying a lot.

The characters I could really relate to the most were Bridget aka Bri Da B, Jeremy, and Thomas, in that order. Bridget and Thomas are brother and sister. Bridget is very artistic. She likes to paint, play her keyboard, and come up with raps. Bri Da B is her alter ego. Thomas is also artistic. He plays drums, because it is the one instrument that is designed to annoy. Neither one can relate to their parents, and their parents have a hard time relating to them, as well. Both have a lot to work out with themselves. Jeremy is the bass player in the same band Thomas plays drums for, The Latterday Saints. As a band they performed the shortest gig ever in the basement of the church, but it's one that everyone who was present fondly remembers. Soon after this iconic performance Thomas discovers he has genital warts. He got it from the only person he's ever slept with, Jackie. Jackie is a strange character. She's only in the book for a short amount of time and as a reader, she's the one character I'd like to know more about. Anyways, after this, Thomas is understandably upset and depressed. He then goes into his parents room, pulls out the gun, and blows his head off. Bridget is the one to find him and the way she describes this moment is both lovely in it's clinical details and emotionally heart wrenching. However, this moment, allows Jeremy to tell Bridget his secrets after the funeral, and they are forever friends. This is the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, so to speak.

I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up, but I'm really glad I did, since I really enjoyed it. This is William Dickerson's first novel, but I really hope it won't be his last.