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Room: A Novel

Room - Emma Donoghue
Re-read this one in March of 2013 in order to get ready for another rollicking book club discussion on April 9. The most interesting part to me is that my original thoughts still ring true with this one. It's one heck of a hair raising novel that has a ton of interesting discussion points. Can't wait to hear what others think of it as well.

So, this book concludes my reading for 2011, and what a horrific way to end the year!

It's not that the writing was bad, it wasn't, it was just the topic of this book in general that made me sad. All Jack (a very intelligent and imaginative 5 year old boy) knows is Room and the things in it, which are his friends. Everything else he doesn't really understand are only on TV, which means they are not real. His mom does the best she can considering the circumstances. She reads to him, tells him stories, plays games, cooks whatever she has available, and tries to provide some amenities whenever possible called Sunday treats. The only adult books available to her are The Shack, Twilight, and The Da Vinci Code which sounds like hell to me for sure.

"Old Nick" is their captive and he's a real piece of shit. He turned his old shed into Room and ensured they will never get out by building in chain link fences into the walls and floors, as well as, sound-proofing the walls and skylight. Ma has tried to escape, without much success.

However, when you think it's totally hopeless for Jack and Ma, there is a bit of hope that happens. I also liked the realistic ending, and I thank Emma Donoghue for not wrapping up the story in a feel-good, simple ending, which she could have done.

I do agree with other reviewers that the first half of the book was better crafted than the second, and I too wanted more perspectives than just Jack's. I would have liked to of heard Ma's inner voice and feelings on what she was going through when Old Nick would pay her visits, what she felt when the electric went out, what her hopes and dreams were. I also would have liked to have known in some demented way, why Old Nick did what he did. Not that I would be able to wrap my head around it, but still an explanation would have been nice.

All in all, this was a fast paced read that hooked me and kept me up, reading and wondering to the very end.