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The Female Thing: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability

The Female Thing: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability - Laura Kipnis Well researched, wonderfully poetic, and at times (the essays on Sex and Dirt) quite fierce and funny all at the same time. Even if you don't agree with everything Laura Kipnis has to say in this short, but gripping tome, I think it's an interesting social commentary that everyone in our post modern world should read. We've definitely made progress, but there's still a lot more progress that needs to be made, and maybe a good place to start is looking within ourselves.

I am intrigued to hear her lecture at Elmhurst College on Narcissism: A Defense once it's rescheduled, (It was originally supposed to take place March 5, but we had a big snow storm so it was cancelled) as I like that she speaks her mind no matter what. The lecture was rescheduled for today, April 24, 2013. It was an easy commute by Metra to Elmhurst College. It's a small but beautiful campus and Laura Kipnis was great! In her speech she said that narcissism is an anxiety about ourselves and our relationships at the moment. She deconstructed the clinical definition of narcissism and said as our society and sense of self shift, so does this word and how it's defined. Which also raised an interesting question: Does leisure = narcissism? The simple answer is no. Having time to explore other activities isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's how we discover new things about ourselves and reinvent ourselves in a way that just might surprise us. How much work does it take to uphold a societal system? Why do we have to work so much when we have so much abundance out there that just needs to be redistributed evenly across the board? Again, there are no easy answers for these questions, but I was glad she started this conversation and that I could be a part of this dialogue. I hope to attend another of her lectures in the future and in the meantime, I need to read her other books.