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The Fridgularity

The Fridgularity - Mark A. Rayner 3.5 stars

My friend Betsy just moved into her new home and she needed to purchase a new refrigerator because the one that came with the house was disgusting beyond cleaning belief. So, she went to the store and asked the clerk if they had a fridge that she could just plug into the outlet and it would start working, nothing fancy because she didn't need it. Well it turns out, according to Betsy, that they don't make fridges without bells and whistles any more. The one she ended up buying came with a 500 page manual and when she couldn't get it programmed properly the first time, she had to actually read the instructions. Three hours later, she sighed and said "I think it would be easier if they just made a web enabled fridge." I said, "be careful what you wish for," and proceeded to tell her about this story:

It's a satire on how dependent we've become on technology, especially the Internet. Our lives are lived out on Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter. It's impossible not to have an Internet persona these days. However, what would happen if the Internet went down for an undisclosed amount of time, due to a higher being called Zathir, that communicates through your web-enabled fridge in different but effective fonts, took over? How would you react? Would you turn into a zombie or would you make the most of it and try to have an adventure?

My favorite character in this one was Lyca. She loves to read and makes the most out of the mess. She's the one that handles the situation the best and isn't annoying like some of the other characters.

While, this book had its moments of being funny, I wanted more, especially at the end.

All in all, a fun satirical journey that is a must read for anyone and everyone who uses or comes in contact with technology on a regular basis.