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First Aide Medicine

First Aide Medicine - Nicholaus Patnaude Jack hearts Karen. Karen commits suicide, and the rest of the story reads like a haunted, surreal love letter trapped in a never ending nightmare.

This is Jack's descent into madness through little vignettes of his tortured mind. Prose poetry told from the perspective of a monster caught inside his own personal hell. There is a perplexed, dis-jointed feel throughout the whole of this short novella. Disgusting yet beautiful imagery and fantastic illustrations sprinkled though out. A hard one to put down once you start the journey and so many wonderful quotes, one of which I will leave you with:

"They called our usual excursions into these nights of infinite danger suicide. But what they didn't understand is that the blue light of these modern dream machines had colored not only their nights but also their days a frozen hue of darker-than-the-deepest-seas blue. Time can never be regained in this fantasy world...or lost."