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MaddAddam: A Novel

MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood Such a great ending to a very exciting trilogy. This story is about Zeb, Adam, Toby, and Blackbeard (my favorite). Also, Amanda, Ren, Swift Fox, and Jimmy-The-Snowman play pretty significant parts in the story as well.

I liked that this book picked up right where the second book finished and continued on with the wonderfully written story. In my opinion all of these books should be consumed back to back to back so that the reader can see very clearly how all the stories fit together and make a remarkable whole.

I don't think I need to go on and on about what a great writer Margaret Atwood is, as you already know that and her writing speaks for itself; so I urge you to pick up this series if you haven't started it yet or to just pick up this last book if you've read the others, as it's a really fantastic story about writing, storytelling, and hope for humanity and the lovely Cracker's too. Just read it already!