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Like most of you I'm an avid reader. I'm hoping to re-connect with old friends, make new friends, and of course spread the love of reading and writing around to everyone!

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A Metazen Christmas

A Metazen Christmas - Frank Hinton,  Jordan Castro,  Natasha Cabot,  Vaughan Simons,  Stephen Tully Dierks,  Dave Housely,  Wendy Ann Greenhalgh,  Sean Lovelace,  James Valvis,  Patrick Wensink,  Mel Bosworth,  Roxane Gay,  Vallie Lynn Watson,  Marcus Speh,  Aubrey Hirsch,  Salvatore Pane,  A Since everyone is having "Christmas in July" specials, I decided to jump aboard the band wagon and read this awesome e-book of short stories.

First of all, I just love the cover. I mean how could you not?

Second of all, each and every single one of these stories were fantastically written. I don't have a favorite because they were all just that well done.

Finally, I am most certainly looking forward to read more from these authors, as well as, the Metazen blog http://www.metazen.ca/ too.