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The Sorrow King

The Sorrow King - Andersen Prunty Now that it's pitch black when I leave the comforts of my warm home to make the journey to the train to get me to my day job, I love to read horror stories in preparation of my favorite holiday, Halloween!

This one was one of the best modern horror stories I have read in a very long time (Since I won The Place In Between, to be exact). Andersen Prunty knows how to get into your head and make your deepest fears - rational or irrational; repressed or addressed - come to life. He does this eloquently well with the main characters of this story: Steve, Elise and Connor.

The Sorrow King himself is one of the creepiest creations (on par with The Good Doctor, I thought) so fans of psychological horror should certainly pick up a copy and read it this fall. It's intense, but it's also one of those stories that will stay with you for a very long time. I'm really glad I read it.