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Happy Accidents - Jane Lynch When I heard Jane Lynch was writing a book I couldn't of been more excited! I think she's a truly fantastic comedian and brings so much personality to every role I've ever seen her play, so I can't wait to read this book when it comes out.

I'm really glad I read this book! Out of all the "celebrity memoirs" out there, I must admit that this one has been my favorite so far. I liked how Jane's tone/personality really came through every page from beginning to end. I throughly enjoyed how down to earth she is about her success and open about her past. I liked that she's human and had hurdles to overcome to get where she is today and isn't afraid to admit it; in fact she embraces it.

She holds nothing back in this memoir and I really enjoyed everything from her childhood scrap book pictures, to her 2nd City/Steppenwolf days, to her full time gig as Sue Sylvester in Glee, to finding the love of her life and becoming a mother. I'm really glad Jane found her happiness and I hope one day I too can find mine.