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Sparkle (Kindle Single)

Sparkle (Kindle Single) - Mara Altman,  Adil Dara Kim I have heard great things about Mara Altman, so I was eager to check out some of her writings. I started with this one because it's a timely topic for me, I guess, being in a long term relationship. Not really wanting a traditional ring if the time should come.

It was a very fun, funny, and faced paced read; yet at the same time, well researched. Mara not only explains her thoughts on this topic, she also explains some of the history behind the diamond-engagement-ring tradition.

For instance, she explains that the Egyptians believed that there is a "love vein" in the left ring finger that connects directly to the heart. Then Mara interjects with, "Anatomically speaking, veins that connect to our hearts also eventually connect to our assholes."

Then she discovers that her own diamond is low-grade enough to be considered bort - the kind used as industrial abrasives and thinks, "That sounds about right."

In the end Mara (and I too) come to the conclusion that the ring doesn't matter so much, it's the love for each other that matters more, just as long as it sparkles.

I'm looking forward to reading Mara's other works in the future for sure, since I like her brand of humor and her wittiness with the research.