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Bearded Lady

Bearded Lady - Mara Altman While there was no absolute answer to the question, when can I just let all my body hairs hang out? Altman presents our womanly obsession with smooth skin in a funny, off-kilter kind of way that I really enjoyed.

I especially liked her interview with beauty editor, Cindy Barshop. It did a good job in pointing out our unrealistic views of beauty that we put upon ourselves, and is perpetuated by society. Also, did you know women used to irradiate themselves to remove unwanted hair? That kind of freaked me out, but the history behind hair removal and how it has evolved throughout time was pretty interesting.

I also really liked the end, when Altman works up the courage to tell her fiance, Dave, that she had chin hairs and his reply was, "Get it together. It's just hair."

Enough said.