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Corpalism - Arun D. Ellis 4 stars for the message of this book. I really liked what the author was getting at in this one regarding the socio-political commentary and I tend to agree with a lot of what he had to say.

3 stars for the book as a whole. I really got into the first part. I thought that section was pretty stellar writing-wise, and I read through it fast. However, the other parts didn't really go together too well for me, and I felt as if the message of the book was being beaten over my head repeatedly throughout the rest, saying 'come on and get it, don't ya get it?' and I at times I was yelling at my kindle saying 'I DO get it, you can stop now, thank you very much.' As you can tell I love a book with subtleties and metaphors more so then message beatings. Plus, there could of been a lot more editing and shortening of certain parts, especially at the end.

All in all, an interesting read where the first part is much better then the other parts, but I do thank Lizzie for recommending this one to me because I probably wouldn't of discovered it on my own.