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Feral Youth

Feral Youth - Polly Courtney *Polly Courtney contacted me, a free e-copy or audio file, for an honest review.*

I'm really glad I took her up on this offer. Being old fashioned, I chose to read this one instead of listening, and for once I wish I had listened to it instead, as it is a story that is very much dialect based.

The narrator is fifteen year old Alesha and she grew up in the endz during the riots in South London. I really liked Alesha, as she's honest, forthright, and doesn't sugar coat anything that she does or has happen to her throughout the story. It took me a little while to get into the story as there were a lot of words I didn't really know, so I was thankful for the glossary. After a while, I picked up on the dialect easier, and the story went by much faster.

My favorite part of the story was the middle, when Alesha's struggling between the life she knows and going legit. I thought Ms. Merfield was a wonderful mentor for Alesha and she's there for her through her incarceration because if her involvement in the riots, JJ's death, and even helps her get a straight job and a nicer place to live.

I thought the ending was wrapped up way too nicely and wished this part was more fleshed out.

However, all in all, this was a well written book on a difficult subject that everyone should read or listen to. I'm interested in reading more by this author in the future as well.