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Voltaire's Adventures Before Candide: And Other Improbable Tales

Voltaire's Adventures Before Candide: And Other Improbable Tales - Martin D. Gibbs Did you know that before Voltaire ever sat down to pen his famous book, Candide he went on space adventures that went horribly awry, wielded a cleaver (which he didn't have in 1484), and enjoyed a good game of Skip Bo?

If you didn't know that, then you must pick up this book immediately! It makes fun of Voltaire's endless use of dialogue, his use of a rambling narrative arc, plot holes, and philosophy - which is dependent on random strings of words and double meanings.

Oh, and for the females out there, Voltaire has an interesting adventure with the wonderful Jane Eyre, which I really enjoyed.

This book definitely "took my mind off the screaming hell that is reality," so I am eternally grateful to the author that penned this bizarre tome, and to Arthur for sending it to my kindle to be devoured with cream sauce in between doctors appointments, while I'm trying to heal my leg after being hit by a car.