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Horns By: Joe Hill

Horns - Joe Hill

I would like to picture Joe Hill sitting at his desk in some haunted mansion with his typewriter, a glass of whiskey, and INXS on the CD player, playing "Devil Inside" on repeat, while he created this novel.These were a few of the images that came to my mind when I finished this story. Also, this October I tend to be on a devilish theme as well...


I vacillated with my rating quite a bit, depending on where I was in the book. My ratings ranged from 5 stars to 3 stars. Finally, I was able to settle on a very strong 4 stars. This book had a lot going for it, that is for certain, and some of my favorite things about it were:


  • The subtlety and complexity of the story. Joe Hill certainly knows how to dig into the underbelly of humanity.


  • Good vs Evil. Joe Hill turns this traditional theme completely on it's head, and I thank him for that, since it made for some really great suspenseful (I can't turn the pages fast enough) reading.


  • The tree house of the mind. This is a big theme throughout the story, which I found to be interesting, but I think (and let me know if I'm wrong) Stephen King did this originally in Misery and/or Christine? However, it was still a very interesting theme to be explored, and Joe Hill did it very well and consistently in this novel.


All in all, I have really enjoyed the two books by Joe Hill I have read so far, and can't wait to see what his warped mind will come up with next. Mwahahahahaha! I *heart* October :-*