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The Weirdness By: Jeremy Bushnell - A Wonderful Ride

The Weirdness: A Novel - Jeremy Bushnell

I have been thinking about this review for a few days now. How do I convey everything I want to without giving too much away? This is the question I've been struggling with, and then Lucifer Morningstar showed up at my loft this morning to show me the way...


He said, "You must jump feet first into this story. Take the plunge. DO NOT read the back blurb. I'm beckoning you do it this way, so the surprises are, well surprising."


I said, "Fair enough. It's what I did, and why I enjoyed the wild ride so much."


Now, here are my personal thoughts on the story itself. I took precautions not to give too much away, so if you decide to read it, it will be as fun for you, as it was for me. 


This book was clever, for the simple fact that it was crafted with precision and intelligence, even though it certainly does have quite a few "wacky bits," which I personally found delightfully engaging. I enjoyed that Bushnell takes overdone character tropes found in modern literature and literally twists the hell out of them; making them much more fun to read, as well as, poking fun at the whole demographic that these books are aimed at. I thoroughly enjoyed this layered commentary. I marked this as a favorite for two simple reasons: one, that it made me laugh, and two, that it made me enjoy the act of reading again, as this was the book that broke me out of a reading slump. So, I thank you Jeremy Bushnell for this special gift with flames, brimstone, and of course a Neko cat offering. I can't wait to read your next book. This was a promising debut for sure.